Donahue Baker

Donahue Baker Financial Guru

A. Donahue Baker is epitomized by creative thinking, brilliant intuition, and lots of practical business & real estate advice. He is equipped with great market insight, realistic and well-validated techniques which produces amazing results.

He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), ardent entrepreneur and creator of the BYOB-Generational Wealth podcast. As a CPA, he has helped thousands create Generational Wealth via tax strategies, real estate opportunities, and entrepreneurshipThrough his podcast (BYOBGenerational Wealth), he has established a large client-base with testimonials from his loyal clienteles and expressions of gratitude. His expertise lies in creating the masterful and relevant conversation that yields to meaningful action. His strength is paying attention to every detail while providing a nurturing space for growth and opportunity that leads these clients to an overwhelming shift in outcomes.

As a thought leader; he devotes all his time, energy and compassion to encouraging others to live and think outside the box, inspiring individuals to create Generational Wealth and securing the future they desire for themselves and their children

Donahue is a successful entrepreneur, known to be very straightforward and honest in all he does. His accomplishments include building a personal real estate portfolio of over 400 units worldwide. He has also built a platform of creating a stream of income large enough to give his one-yearold sonnamed Legacy, the option to choose to follow whatever passion in life he desires because he will not have to be enslaved by a job, if he chooses not to work. 

Since graduating from Georgetown University, Donahue has pursued many hobbies and passions in his life.  Some of those passions include international travel, writing and reading black history literature, and music.  In factDonahue is also a Grammy nominated music producer. Ornamented with a self-motivated personality, Donahue prefers to take the extra step in staying unique and reaching his aspirations. One of his biggest goals in life is to see a National holiday called ‘Generational Wealth Day’ – where people do at least one creative thing to build generational wealth for their family—its a goal he is striving to reach in making his dent in American culture.