Well, well, well….it is that time of year again–the holidays! For businesses and brands, this is a great opportunity to increase your exposure to your audiences.

Here are 4 tips to maximize your brand exposure this holiday season:

  1. If appropriate for your business, consider creating articles, images, blog posts or media releases centered around the holiday season. Try incorporating holiday themes and sayings into your content and create holiday hashtags and images that can be used on social media to highlight your business while staying relevant.
  2. Content…content…content. Social media users tend to frequent social networking sites more during the holiday season making it the perfect time to increase social media engagement. Plan ahead and prepare content for social media sites over the holiday period to ensure your audience is still engaging with your business and/or brand. Content calendars are a useful way of planning ahead social media content while staying consistent and testing proper social media post times to engage with your core audience. Planning content for your social media platforms in advance will ensure you always have something to post and will free up your time during the busy season.
  3. Consider updating your cover photos, background photos and profile pictures to reflect the spirit of the season. Leave major announcements for after the festive season. December is the busiest month of the year for everyone (not to mention, Santa). Try to avoid making major business announcements during the busiest weeks of December, unless your announcement is relevant to the holiday season, as some journalists are winding down for the year or already on holidays like the rest of us. Aim to have your major announcements published in January or by the beginning of December to ensure journalists are available. December is the busiest month of the year in the lead up to the holiday season, however, journalists are still looking for good stories, particularly newspapers and news sites. This is an opportunity for you to keep pitching articles and stories during the low news period of the holiday season.
  4. Plan…plan… plan…Get ahead of the pack and start planning your PR goals and update your strategy for 2019 and beyond. Review and evaluate what worked in 2018 and what didn’t and consider how you can improve. How you would like to be positioned in 2019, what would you like to achieve and how can you implement it? Review your previous media coverage and determine which media outlets you will target and how to engage with your audience in the next New Year. Reviewing and updating your PR strategy will give you a head start in 2019.

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