Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade LiNing/WOW

In September 2012, Li-Ning signed into a partnership with NBA player Dwyane Wade, creating the Brand Wade line. This was LI-NING’S greatest effort to break through in the basketball business worldwide. The LI-NING & Brand Wade partnership initially kicked off in retail stores and online throughout China, and in 2013 they launched in the United States and have since continued to grow throughout other countries.

Dwyane Wade serves in an official capacity as Chief Brand Officer, and is responsible for guiding the creative direction of all Brand Wade products. He works with LI-NING’S WADE leadership team to spearhead the global marketing strategies and initiatives aimed to build brand awareness in the United States and China. Wade provides significant input of all future endorsers of Brand Wade, and is instrumental in selecting the athletes he feels best embody the presence, perspective and personality of the brand.