May 4, 2021
Journey Told: One on One with Afida Turner
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Journey Told: One on One with Afida Turner

Have you ever felt like celebrities have some sort of secret advantage that allowed them to achieve a level of fame or fortune that the average person will never know? Maybe they were born into a privileged family, or they had some high level connections that paved the way for their success?

If you believe that, today’s story will flip the script and reveal a level of determination that would make the rest of us seem like underachievers.

Afida Turner is an international superstar – a singer, songwriter, actress and media personality. Born in France, due to tragic circumstances, she found herself living in an orphanage until she was 16 years old. When she left the orphanage, she learned early on that she could only rely on herself and she worked doing whatever she could to make a better life for herself.

Her writing became an outlet for her – her therapy – and it eventually caught the attention of others. Later, she was signed by Epic Sony Records and began releasing songs, gaining traction with an increasingly larger audience.

She continued to work hard producing music and that led to her eventually meeting Ike Turner, Jr and Ronnie Turner. Afida eventually married Ronnie Turner and she has continued to work in the industry and travel the world, living a life she loves.

Join Shawn Zanotti as she talks to Afida about how Covid has cramped her jet setting lifestyle and the biggest lessons she has learned on this journey/

Show Highlights:

  • Afida says she can’t trust anyone. Instead she trusts herself.
  • Learn how Afida became part of the legendary Turner family
  • Staying in touch with family during Covid is hard, especially since Afida doesn’t Facetime. She connects in person.
  • Afida has strong opinions about the George Floyd incident. She shares how she wishes she could have changed something.
  • Find out what having Tina Turner as a Mother in Law is really like.
  • When you come from nothing it changes how you view success because you don’t have anything to lose.
  • Political ambitions – Afida was briefly a candidate for President of France. Learn why she dropped out and what her future plans are.
  • Tina, the HBOMax documentary and what Afida thinks about it.
  • Afida thinks Ike Turner was brilliant. Find out why he was so special.
  • Tina Turner is like the female James Brown.

Tell and Tell Secrets:

Afida is a foodie. She loves to cook – lamb chops, with mashed potatoes, real spaghetti with garlic bread, and couscous. She has a weakness for burgers and french fries. She really loves to eat, but she also knows she has to go to the gym and work out in order to stay in shape.

She knows that moderation is important for long term health. She’s a Capricorn. She loves good food and red wine.

Afida’s Morning Routine:

Wake at 4am

Office 4-7 am

6am prayers and plays with her dog

Then she goes to the gym

Then she cooks lunch

Later in the day she will cook dinner

Words of advice:

Never listen to anyone. Be who you are and walk your own path. Do what you want to do and do not listen to the naysayers.

Self love –  ignore the haters and live your best life.

You shouldn’t worry about what people say, just use the gifts God gave you and trust him and love others.

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