May 18, 2021
The Journey Told Ep 3 Samantha Lee Gibson
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The Journey Told Ep 3 Samantha Lee Gibson

The journey of life is full of twists and turns, and it doesn’t always go according to plan. But the question is, whose plan was it anyway?

Today’s guest, Samantha Gibson, will unequivocally tell you that she lives her life according to God’s plan, and God doesn’t work for us!

Samantha is a high skilled social worker and has spent her career focusing on children’s rights and fighting against human trafficking.

Listen in as Samantha shares the very real journey of divorce that she is navigating with her husband, Tyrese Gibson. Divorce is hard enough for any couple, but when you have to go through this difficult journey publicly, it makes it that much harder.

Samantha gets real about where she is currently, and how she is keeping her head on straight even in these dark times. Listen in and be encouraged by Samantha’s positive outlook.

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