May 25, 2021
The Journey Told Ep 5 Sheléa
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The Journey Told Ep 5 Sheléa

Not motivated at all since the COVID-19 pandemic started? You’re not alone! Most of us are having trouble staying motivated and many of us have been facing additional stress and anxiety due to social isolation, financial worries, or family/personal health concerns. The pandemic has forced everyone to make changes, like it or not. And no one knows this better than our guest today, Sheléa Frazier. Sheléa is a singer, songwriter, and pianist who has been mentored by Stevie Wonder and is a protégée of Quincy Jones. She has garnered co-signs from the likes of Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliot, David Foster, Queen Latifah, Jamie Fox, and Jennifer Hudson. Many compare her voice to the legendary Whitney Houston and her piano talent to that of Alicia Keys.

Sheléa comes on to talk about her successful career, how the pandemic affected her, and the valuable lessons she has learned and used to implement positive changes in both her personal and professional life. The tips she shares are not rocket science, but they serve as a great reminder of how to cope and thrive during challenging times. You can definitely make it easier for yourself to stay motivated at all times by having the same mindset as Sheléa. Though this pandemic feels endless, it will eventually come to an end, and if you adopt the motivation tips you get from this episode now, they will lead to positive change for the rest of your life! Tune in to the episode for more!

Tell and Tell Secrets:

Sheléa highlights the fact that, if anything, the Covid-19 pandemic has taught her that she can do more with less and still be impactful. While it may be quite true that you lack certain resources that could accelerate your success, you have the power to choose your thoughts, swapping out negative, “victim-like” ones that don’t serve a great purpose for positive, helpful ones that do. So if you’re thinking or speaking some version of “I can’t do it because…”, note it, but then ask: “What can I do to control my situation?” That has served Sheléa well and it’s something that she’s carrying with her into the future. Will you?

Words of advice:

You either have to evolve, adapt, or die. You need grace for when you don’t always hit the mark. Hold on and stay strong.

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