May 28, 2021
The Journey Told Ep 6 Brandon Steiner
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The Journey Told Ep 6 Brandon Steiner

Like the rest of the world during Covid, sports has had its own lessons to learn from the global pandemic. No one knows the sports world better than today’s guests.

Brandon Steiner is a world-renowned sports marketer. He’s an author, an entrepreneur, and an incredible motivator. The best news is that even though sports have had some setbacks due to Covid, Brandon is still as optimistic as ever about the possibilities that exist for entrepreneurs, athletes, and fans. Brandon is also one of the most prolific collectors of sports memorabilia!

Join Shawn Zanotti for this inspiring interview – you will get more life lessons out of the next 30 minutes than you ever thought you could pack into an interview! Brandon is generous in sharing the lessons learned in life and business over the decades, and he’s not done yet!

Tell and Tell:

Brandon loves Oprah Winfrey. He says he should be put in jail for everything he has stolen from her. He loves the

Brandon is a huge fan of Imagine Dragons!

Family is the most important to Brandon – especially his wife!


Take action over anxiety! Start off with the small stuff. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they did work on it every day!

Execution eats strategy for breakfast. Brandon gives the same advice his Mother gave him. Don’t go and start a business on your own until you have worked for a world-class company and learned everything you can about business on someone else’s dime!


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