July 20, 2021
Fit2Flaunt owner Shelly Murdock Removes Stigma of Pole Dancing Using Principles of Self Love
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Fit2Flaunt owner Shelly Murdock Removes Stigma of Pole Dancing Using Principles of Self Love

Shelley Murdock stepped out on faith in an industry that is often shunned. She uses manifestation, principles of self-love, meditation, and inspiration as the foundation to her success in leading millions of women worldwide.

Born to Caribbean parents, she knew being an entrepreneur would have its challenges…but she pressed on and found a formula that is making waves and building confidence. Her Fit 2 Flaunt App Pole fitness program is a total body workout! It’s a form of calisthenics that allows you to build muscle and strength by using your body weight as resistance.

She believes that you have to continuously put yourself in new situations and environments When her time in the military came to an end; she became an exotic dancer to help pay to finish her college degree. After Shelly graduated, she realized her love for the art of pole dancing and wanted to try and have a physical location where she and other women could train and focus on it as a sport. It awakened a passion in her.

Shelly joins the podcast from her office as she dives into how she turned her passion into a community, the lessons she was able to learn from her past, and how she took a stigma against pole dancing and turned it into a mastermind of self-confidence for women across the globe. Shelly believes that women have to stop accepting the negative thoughts surrounding the sport and own their confidence. Join us on this journey in the amazing world of Shelly Murdock and the voice of the inner women within. Stay Tuned!

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