October 5, 2021
Cassandra Bankson Living Behind Cystic Acne and Finding Inner Beauty
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Cassandra Bankson Living Behind Cystic Acne and Finding Inner Beauty

Cassandra Bankson is an American model, medical aesthetician, and online social media personality who has millions of followers following her journey of self-love and inner beauty. Her story rings strong as she is living with cystic acne, a rare form of acne. To date, Cassandra is garnering over 110,000,000 impressions monthly across all social media platforms.

At the age of eight, Bankson developed a rather innocuous strain of Acne vulgaris, which later transformed into an aggressive strain of acne conglobata by the time she was fourteen. Eventually, her severe skin condition had progressed to the extent that it engulfed her entire face and most of her body. Bankson’s parents tried tirelessly to treat their daughter’s acne by taking her to 16 different specialists across the United States and western Europe, which proved unsuccessful. She was bullied relentlessly for her severe acne and eventually pulled out of school as a result. She later studied with a private tutor to complete her education.

Along with her skin condition, she also has uterus didelphys, a condition wherein she possesses two vaginas, two wombs, and two cervixes. In 2010, Bankson began making videos on the YouTube channel “Diamondsandheels14” on topics such as makeup, fashion, and lifestyle. She has since re-branded to “Cassandra Bankson” with a focus on skincare that is both Cruelty Free and Vegan.

Bankson went viral after she began to embrace her beauty, take off the makeup and bare it all to the public. She knew the pain hiding behind makeup was doing to her self esteem. Dermatologists would often tell her they had patients with cystic acne as severe as hers, she wanted to find others hiding in the world who also were dealing with the same condition. As a model, she took her makeup off and showed her bare skin to the world online, and after posting she didn’t look at her YouTube channel for four months. She posted the video hoping it would help “just one person” and well that video has since gained well over 21 million views. Bankson “made it her mission” to help others with makeup, confidence, acne, and skin conditions online. Her daily videos have also received international press and media attention. The channel’s most popular video, titled “Foundation Routine For Flawless Skin Acne Coverage”, showing Bankson’s bare skin and her secrets to cover her severe acne, gained international attention including that of Right This Minute, Good Morning America, “Anderson”, The Today Show, The Insider, MSN, Fox News, and the front page of AOL, Yahoo, and MSN. Her daily videos have also received international press and media attention. She is a ‘vlogger’, and has also posted videos for men who suffer from acne. As of October, 2021, her YouTube channel has over 1.64 million subscribers and 200 million video views. Bankson has spent her decade-plus career gaining trust through transparency, promoting inclusivity, and empowering individuals to embrace themselves fully.

Tune in and she talks transparently with host Shawn Zanotti about her Journey to accepting her beauty from the inside out!

Tell and tell Secrets:
What you look like has no impact has no impact on how you can help this world. None of that matters in how you share your story.
“You are enough and start today in whatever way you are capable of doing”

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