October 12, 2021
Jessica Gershman Dives into SelfCare and SelfLove for Working Moms
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Jessica Gershman Dives into SelfCare and SelfLove for Working Moms

Jessica Gersham is the host of Mom, Slow Down and the founder of the health and wellness app The Zen Mommy. Through her extensive experience, she has created a holistic program that supports women, especially moms, in the crucial art of self-care. With a background as a certified yoga instructor, foodie, and self love advocate, Jessica will have the tough conversations as we discuss topics ranging from health, sex, parenting, marriage, friendship and everything in between. We can have the life we have always dreamed of and she is here to get you there. Join us for an opportunity to laugh, share, and SLOW DOWN.

Jessica focuses on the following topics:
What constitutes the art of self-care for working moms
Finding inspiration through the challenges of everyday life
How moms can slow down, breathe, and let go
How yoga, meditation, mindfulness has given her a path to personal freedom
Mindfulness is everyday life, Mindfulness in parenting
The ups and downs of female entrepreneurship
How her new app The Zen Mommy is designed to give women the tools to create a life of freedom
Three foundational pillars: nourish, movement, mindset as a path to joy

Tune in and she talks transparently with host Shawn Zanotti about her Journey to accepting her beauty from the inside out!

Tell and tell Secrets:
My ability to forgive to forgive myself and to forgive others. Forgiveness is the hidden gem that has gotten me to where I am. It is my secret superpower to heal and grow.

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