November 11, 2021
Micheal Phillips Shares Life After Being Behind Bars,The Bounce Back and Now Leading With TD Jakes
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Micheal Phillips Shares Life After Being Behind Bars,The Bounce Back and Now Leading With TD Jakes

Michael Phillips is passionate about helping people live a better life. His determination to drive social change with lasting transformational benefits to society, has led Phillips to become an innovator and thought leader in social entrepreneurship and education. He is the founder of LifePrep and currently serves as the Chief Engagement and Fulfillment Officer for the TD Jakes Foundation.

As an author and inspirational speaker, Phillips has become a champion for children and families around the world. He is the Chairman of 50CAN and serves as a board member of KuriosEd. His powerful story and message of collateral hope have transformed many lives and helped to revitalize communities. A successful pastor and community leader, Michael Phillips serves as a liaison between the T.D. Jakes Foundation and its affiliated entities to maximize resources and deliver optimal results to business and nonprofit partners, as well as the larger community.

After overcoming early struggles with the criminal justice system, Michael turned his life around and went on to found and lead the Kingdom Life Church, a non-denominational congregation in Baltimore. Built in an old ramshackle school, the church has a 3,000-member congregation and has been instrumental in helping to revitalize the formerly blighted neighborhood. Under Phillips’ stewardship, Kingdom Life has grown into a thriving faith community, brimming with passion for social justice.

In addition to his role as a pastor, Michael has been a strong advocate for school reform, having worked to forge a public/private partnership to relocate the Green Street Academy to the church premises as part of a $30 million redevelopment project. He is the founder of several nonprofits that support disadvantaged students in West Baltimore, including Faith Leaders for Excellent Schools. Throughout his career, Michael has served on numerous boards, including the Maryland State Board of Education. Presently, he is board chair for the nationwide education advocacy organization, 50CAN, and serves on the board of KuriosEd.

Michael is an inspirational speaker and author of the forthcoming book, “Wrong Lanes Have Right Turns: A Pardoned Man’s Escape from the School-to-Prison Pipeline and What We Can Do to Dismantle It.”

Michael Phillips and his wife Dr. Anita Phillips reside in Dallas, Texas.

Tune in for this conversation on the journey of transformation!

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