March 1, 2022
Famed Ballerina Alexa Kastellanos Thrives With Self Care and Self Love
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Famed Ballerina Alexa Kastellanos Thrives With Self Care and Self Love

Alexa Kastellanos is a professional ballet dancer and model based in New York and Toronto.

She has been dancing professionally since the age of 11 after she was scouted in Winnipeg (her hometown) by the National Ballet School. Most recently Alexa was living full time in New York dancing with numerous ballet companies and started modeling in The Big Apple. She has also been featured in several Bollywood music videos to date.

Alexa did her first runway show for Ujena swimwear in New York. Alexa has also walked Toronto Fashion week. She caught the eye of the talented Canadian painter Ruslana Levandovska and had a painting of her displayed in Switzerland at the Swiss Art Expo.

Most recently:

*Real Estate commercial for Home Life Higher Standards

* T series one of the biggest music Indian labels and film production companies will be featured as lead model and actress in a music video coming out soon

* Perfume Commercial for JYCTY featured as ballet dancer in it

*worked with first female Punjabi / Bollywood singer named KOKO played the lead actress in her music video coming out soon *Featured in Commercial for Grace Foods Jamaican Patties

4:05 thriving modeling and commercial career

5:35 being scouted as a ballerina as a child

11:11 appreciating the work of the business

15:07 checking out of social media —how to monitor your time

18:51 what is next on the table

24:00 how to forgive others

Tell and tell secrets: “When I was 11, I was one test away from my junior blackbelt for TaeKwondo I could have gone to the Olympics for Taekwondo and trained but I chose to do ballet”

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