April 13, 2022
Ryan Hope Talks Trans, Equality and Hollywood Houseboys
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Ryan Hope Talks Trans, Equality and Hollywood Houseboys

Ryan Hope, executive producer, actor and activist works with the charity, Trans Can Work. He advocates for Trans especially after his friend Dominique was killed for being Trans. He dives into his exclusive content entitled Hollywood Houseboys on the airwaves for the LGBTQAI community. The BIPOC creator, Ryan Hope was recently honored by Warner Media with The Richard D Parsons Award for his volunteer work in the community, and interviewed on CNN by Don Lemon for the effort.

Tune in for this intimate conversation surrounding the trans community and equality for all.

4:39– Thinking outside of the box around being gay and getting a story told to the public

7:26– Trans Can Work- Community Activism

11:40– Understanding Trans

20:02– Being honored by HBO/Warner Media

26:07– Never Give Up- Keep Going

Tell and Tell Secrets: “One of my biggest secrets is that I am so insecure”

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