Press releases are still used as a means of communicating news to the masses. But is this really effective? Will sending out a press release ensure media attention and/or attention from your core intended audience?

Is that the way to garnish attention? Survey says: well… the jury’s still out! While press releases might still be relevant, it’s important to stop and think about the intended audience, the desired goal, and the most effective approach for arriving there. Sometimes this can be handled by a blog post, a podcast, a savvy social media post, a captivating interview or another form of communication. Social media has changed the game of PR giving tangible tools available to craft engaging content along with messaging and cutesy relevant emojis as a visual cherry on top! Through the click of a button, one post has the capacity to go viral and reach millions! We are in an industry flux of change and the press release as it once was known to be has changed in the PR game as well. While its still important to use the release as an effective way to tell a story, how it’s crafted and its necessity as a deliverable for media coverage, is what’s questionable. As PR people, we are only as good as our contacts. We are not just spreading news, we are actually telling a story. Good stories stick, great storylines spread and making the emotional connection trends —but is text on a paper the best way to get one interested in that messaging? Not long ago, the press release was still a very legitimate form of generating news. Yet now, many find out the latest news and event messaging through the lens of social media. In fact, even when you send out a press release, often times the reporting outlet circles back to the promoted social media outlet correlated with the release to determine if its a win assignment to cover.

Good stories stick, great storylines spread and making the emotional connection trends —but is text on a paper the best way to get one interested in that messaging?

So evaluate your message… take on a compelling perspective, highlight your story and engage your audience in all mediums. Don’t solely rely on the press release and neglect the social media attached to the message being pitched. Often times the press release gives the context and content but lacks the emotional core of good story engagement you can garnish by the power of social mediums. Utilize it all—gone are the days in which you rely solely on a good contact and press release. This is not to say that the press release is dead—far from it.  A solid PR campaign encompasses press releases and often times include multiple press releases over the course of the campaign. There are valid strategic reasons to use a press release but engage your audience and move them to a call to action coupling social media as part of the placement goal. A well-written press release that tells a story may add value to garnish the traction you are looking for. Yet, also draft a descriptive blog, guest write an article and/or drop a cool video or lifestyle images with graphics on social and your message will be delivered with far more potency, and just mind trend for a greater reach—touching new eyes and you just might get some extra likes and fans in the process!