Rob North


Rob North, a US Marine Veteran, All – American, lovable off the wall hunk of a carpenter has truly carved out a niche for himself, taking the world of DIY by storm and making home improvement affordable and accessible to all.In his projects, Rob North breaks down home repairs and improvement, inspiring his audience to follow his motto, “If you can’t find a way, make a way!”

Teaching his audience how to make that way, Rob North has built a large TV and Internet based following as a finish carpenter on HGTV’s Designed to Sell, as a Co-host on Frank Fontana’s “Down and Dirty”, Co-host on Reality Series “Skrew’d”, and spokesman and DIY Guru for Craftsman.

In addition, Rob North has partnered with Ty Pennington for the Sears American Dream Campaign, is involved in extensive community outreach and youth development, and recently was nominated for an Emmy for his work on ”The People’s Poker Table”, a DIY video that was 100% driven by the audience.

Aside from working on some really cool projects like his “Hey Rob” series, where viewers get to write in and have their questions answered on air, or his project series, where a lucky viewer gets to come into the shop and work on their own project with Rob, the key to Rob North’s success is that he wants to empower his audience by “giving away the trade,“ and revealing the secrets of these projects by taking them through a step by step process unlike any other DIY method.

With this approach, the everyday man and woman can now, “think and feel like a carpenter.”

Simply, as he states after every project, He’s Rob North, and that’s how you get it done!”