Product Placement

Product Placement happens when an identifiable product or service appears on the screen within a TV show, film or music video.

Real brands, usually recognizable brands are essentially placed within the production for the viewer to interpret as reality.

There is a method to properly placing the product and aligning the messaging. We approach each project as if we are the film director, set decorator, prop master, location coordinator, and director— all in one. We will direct the script, digest the context of the scene in which the brand will be placed and ensure it will be a marriage which will work for all parties involved. Exact takes on the knowledge of our clients and the brand to make ensure the messaging fits in perfect alignment with the placement.

Our product placement exposure consists of a multi-layered approach creating turnkey campaign layers to generate content and maximize exposure. All activations include two components of the campaign-social media and public relations.

  • Television & Film Placements
  • Behind The Scene Activations
  • Brand Integration
  • Contest Integration
  • Talk Show Integrations

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