Sports Division


Exact Sports Management works to keep your name in front of the public and in the media eye!

We will look for opportunities to get you involved in events which will warrant media attention and of course we send out press releases informing the media of each move you make!

Exact Sports Management offers a variety of services, such as athlete public relations (PR), athlete advertising, athlete appearances and athlete for hire for many occasions. We get athletes, coaches, broadcasters and leading sport industry executives involved in special events, motivational speeches, MC duties, television/radio work, product/service endorsements, media tours, autograph signings, charitable functions, advertising campaigns, meet and greets or other similar activities.

Exact Sports Management protects and fosters the reputation of athletes, letting the athletes focus on excelling in their sport.


  • TARGETED PUBLICITY: Working with the client to deliver PR strategies to increase media coverage.
  • CRISIS MANAGEMENT: Athletes are human and can make mistakes. We can coach you on what to say, how to say it and how to contain the impact of a mistake. We are also well equipped to give a statement on your behalf.
  • FOUNDATION CREATION/INVOLVEMENT We use our professional contacts to find you the organization for volunteer opportunities and fundraising events. We also create charitable giving plans, which will allow you to focus your time and dollars to assist with a different particular charity or organization.
  • IMAGE DEVELOPMENT We will look for opportunities outside of sports to help you develop your image. We focus on getting you involved in organizations, community projects and activities that interest you. This interaction will be a vital tool to keep you involved in the community and culture. Assistance in seeking sponsorship deals. We find you sponsorships which will warrant media attention and of course will keep the media talking about you!

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