December 4, 2021
DJ Fly Guy Shifts Career As Renowned Photographer– Stepping Out on Faith
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DJ Fly Guy Shifts Career As Renowned Photographer– Stepping Out on Faith

Born Rahsaan Alexander, DJ Fly Guy began his life in Georgetown, Guyana, before moving to Brooklyn, NY, and then finally Miami, FL. Rashaan had what felt like regular life growing up, being raised in a typical two-parent household until his father tragically passed away from pancreatic cancer when he was only 15 years old. Despite the devastation caused by the personal tragedy, a young Rashaan never wavered, developing a passion for creating, a passion he said was inspired by his two older brothers that he was fortunate enough to watch as they got involved in hip-hop culture as DJ’s, rappers, and journalists, and have massive success in their respective paths. Paired with the fact that from 10 years old, he knew he wanted to be the type of person that had entertained those around him, a realization he made in 5th grade when a teacher pointed out his talent for storytelling and invited him to share a story with the class, it seemed Rashaan was destined to channel his inner passion for creating and share the results with the world.

Being a story of surviving in real-time, the artbook and exhibit duo aims to represent the willingness and courage it takes to adapt and figure out what’s next for one’s life. To many, the pandemic has shown that life can throw curveballs at you, and you have a choice of either letting it break you down or shoulder it and power through.

To Rashaan, the pandemic shook the powder keg of mental health, testing each of us and either making or breaking us, claiming to know that it had broken some people that he knew. Losing everything even brought Rashaan into a deep depression, one that he swore he wouldn’t let destroy him. Immediately his focus shifted, keeping true to his passion for creating and revisiting a love for photography, a love that began in high school with the movie Love Jones. Rashaan describes the process as therapeutic for him, helping him find his way during this dark time. Rashaan’s life has been devastated by the coronavirus, much like many other Americans. With the pandemic closing down the nightlife scene, for over a year due to COVID, Rashaan could no longer be DJ Fly Guy, and without his job, the harsh realities of figuring out how he was going to pay his rent or continue to live on began to loom over his head. Even with that immense pressure, Rashaan remains optimistic and confident that his book “To Miami with Love” is just the beginning.

Rahsaan “DJ Fly Guy” Alexander is an advocate for mental health, and he understands that this year is unique, serving as rugged terrain for many of the people still trying to find their way along their path as the pandemic still stretches on. With that in mind, he aspires to help those people find their way as a light in the darkness. He hopes to help those who are lost or struggling to find their purpose, and it all starts and is developed in his “To Miami with Love.”

Tune in for this conversation on finding the courage to follow your passion and jump!

Tell and Tell Secrets:
I am a really good billiard pool player. I used to do tournaments as a kid. Who knows maybe in my midlife crisis I will do that.

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