Renaldo Balkman

The Challenge
NBA and professional Basketball player Renaldo Balkman, one of the leading members of the league, was in need of damage control as he choked a player during a basketball game, going viral, receiving over 800,000 mentions in a 24 hour period. Days later, he received a lifetime ban from the PBA for the action and the story was part of every major media outlet, sub-media outlet, blog, comedic level of Saturday Night Live and satire outlets. Balkman came to Exact for high level public relations consultancy, damage control and support.

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Successful Executions

The Strategy
Exact provided ongoing support for Renaldo Balkman and his work, immediately diving into crisis mode, issuing local, national and international press statements, issuing apologizes on his social media channels (Twitter, Facebook) which are readily monitored by all press. Promoting the sport around the world, identifying the mistake and immediately taking ownership to protect his reputation and quickly change perception, as Balkman feared not ever being able to return to the NBA as a result of the incident. It was important that Balkman’s genuine affection to changing and helping young people shine through, post apologizes. Exact arranged project visits to youth sports projects for Renaldo Balkman in Tampa Florida, in New York City and in Puerto Rico, and worked with charities to devise workable programmes that would make a difference to young people’s lives. We also undertook a speaker and media relations programme to support the new initiatives.
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The Outcome
Balkman established a new generation of fans and supporters thanks to an international and national campaign to engage with under-privileged children. Sports administrators were also impressed by his philanthropic activities, enhancing his once troubled reputation. The visits garnered extensive coverage across the world, promoting the importance of sports as a way of helping young people in troubled areas to develop and learn vital lifeskills. Significant donations were also made to each of the charities that Balkman identified for support. Against all odds, he later returned to the NBA, and played for the NBA Dallas Mavericks. However the story evolved full circle, as now years later, the PBA life time ban has been lifted and he currently plays on the same team and in the same country who originally ridiculed him publicly with the lifetime ban. He also currently plays professional basketball in Puerto Rico, in which we still offer strategic community alliance events to ensure his continued growth.

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