MINI Automotive

The Challenge
MINI Automotive, a British automotive marque, owned by BMW, wanted to spice up it offerings served to the general public during the Chicago Auto Show. The Chicago Auto Show is the nations largest and longest running auto show. It is the largest auto show in North America. MINI wanted to find a strategic way to heighten brand awareness, engage customers within the brand, align with celebrity influencers and direct product placement.

Media Relations

Crisis Management

Social Media Support

Press Conference

Work With Charities

Successful Executions

The Strategy
Exact worked alongside MINI’s creative marketing team to create a stellar experience and increase the bottom line ROI. We utilized select celebrity influencers including athletes, fashion, lifestyle; with high social media engagement, heavy web alignment and overall presence and intertwined them in a multi day series surrounding the theme, “What matters most.” The campaign theme was derived as part of a current year long PR and marketing strategy of customer engagement, celebrity influencer attachment with seeding, event ideation and strategic automotive product placement.
Brand Demographics

Countrymen (Male)

Countrymen (Female)

MINI Brand (Male)

MINI Brand (Female)

Clubmen (Male)

Clubmen (Female)

The Outcome
MINI was able to attract thousands of unique visitors to the booth, with extra attention of the influenced based daily panel of influencers celebrities matched with a branded MINI onsite spokesperson engaging attendees on camera with onsite interviews. MINI partnered with Harman Kardon for the panel discussions. Also, we highlighted a social media campaign that provided an opportunity for a person to win a MINI car for a year to help support an initiative that will provide a positive impact, based on the campaign designed theme. We created promotions, contests and giveaways to help increase engagement, which in turn complimented the ROI.

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