Li-Ning & WOW

The Challenge
In September 2012, Li-Ning signed into a partnership with NBA player Dwyane Wade, creating the Way of Wade brand. The LI-NING & WOW partnership initially launched in retail stores and online throughout China. In 2013, the brand launched in the United States and has since continued to grow throughout other countries.Dwyane Wade serves in an official capacity as Chief Brand Officer,and is responsible for guiding the creative direction of all WOW products. He works with LI-NING’S WADE leadership team to spearhead the global marketing strategies and initiatives aimed to build brand awareness in the United States and China. We were brought on the team to assist with the WOW brands marketing and PR initiatives, event ideation, community engagement/interaction, revenue sales integration and celebrity influencer seeding with the underlying goal— to enhance the marketplace in the USA.

Media Relations

Crisis Management

Social Media Support

Press Conference

Work With Charities

Successful Executions

The Strategy
Exact focuses on pairing the WOW brand with community initiatives while integrating product among engaging lifestyle spaces. We focus on making marketing cool, fashion interesting and crafting stellar PR messaging which entices reporters to make coverage a must on the to-do list. 74% of WOW website traffic currently comes from consumers within the United States…The interest is there and continuing to climb.
Brand Demographics





Consumer Connection

Social Engagement

The Outcome
WOW is consistently climbing in trend and just unveiled a new production of the WOW 6’s model shoe. This will be the first time in which the Li-Ning logo sign will not be placed on a shoe model. This line will solely have the Dwyane Wade, WOW logo. There has been an increase in demand, increase in sales and increase in media buzz with an everlasting attraction to this brand which prides itself on the “cool” factor. We also engage and align the brand with specific influencers with stellar engagement for heightened brand awareness

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