Revolt TV

The Challenge
REVOLT TV, an American music-oriented digital cable television network founded by Sean Combs, was the platform to air a 90-minute special film entitled Chicago Love. Created by Sean “Diddy” Combs, the documentary, filmed over four months in Chicago, focused on the causes and solutions behind the challenges in the city of Chicago. Following the nationwide protests and violence which occurred in the Midwest, specifically around Ferguson and the grand jury decision, the Chicago Love documentary circled around the question on many minds: What is happening in Chicago? What is the creation of the violence? What can be done as a solution?

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The Strategy
REVOLT then CEO, Keith Clinkscales, personally hired Exact to handle PR, media relations and field produce the documentary. Exact rounded up the top journalists from all mediums in one location and began a meeting of the minds, which served as a consistent voice pattern throughout the documentary. Exact also scheduled and designed the talent interviews which were included in the film. Interviews included several music artists (including Common and Rhymefest), activists, educators, faith leaders and victims’ families about violence, education, the Chicago ongoing ‘Drill music’ scene and the introduction of the Fe Fe movement. The documentary also focused on how the community, failing school system and music, all play a role in the violence which hovers over the city.
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The Outcome
REVOLT began an ongoing effort to provide solutions for the violence in Chicago which included an editorial surrounding “Chicago Love” focusing on to the music movement fueled by social media generated on the REVOLT website. Fans were encouraged to leave testimonials to be posted on the website. The documentary premiered on the REVOLT network and aired again a week later, as an aftermath to requests of engagement to re-air. Chicago Love also was shown and viewed to thousands at the Atlanta Film Festival and also at the Sundance Film Festival.

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