July 8, 2021
Film Director Peter Meyer Dad’s Death Leads To Film Hit
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Film Director Peter Meyer Dad’s Death Leads To Film Hit

Peter Meyer is the writer and director of The Boy From The Wild. The Boy from the Wild is a documentary and novel that tells the story of my unconventional upbringing in a hidden wilderness gem situated in the hilly countryside of Kwa-Zulu Natal: The Karkloof Valley Nature Reserve.

The documentary focuses on conservation, family, the relationship between animals & humans and tells the story of Peter who grew up in this fun/unconventional environment. Part wilderness program, part family drama, this film seeks to answer the unknown for many.

The documentary is based on a book written by Peter Meyer himself and International Bestselling Author of The Elephant Whisperer, Graham Spence, and was written from the encouragement of award-winning actor Liam Neeson. Later the head of Disney and National Geographic for India and the Far East suggested that the book would be a huge success as a documentary and now comes the release.

Peter joins the podcast from across the world as he dives into a tribute to his father, the lessons he was able to learn from his mentorship and leadership, his life in the wild on a safari, and his upbringing of love between a marriage of animals and humans. Peter dives into the battles of grief, the roller coaster of life, and the power of filmmaking. Come on this wild ride of the life journey in the words of Peter Meyer. Stay Tuned!

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