May 18, 2021
The Journey Told Ep 2 Dribble2Much
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The Journey Told Ep 2 Dribble2Much

With the ongoing 75th season of the NBA reduced to 72 games for each team due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s this basketball inspiration who’s not in the league but has built a bigger following than most of the players. He’s worked with NBA stars, celebrities, NBA-related brands, and thousands of kids nationally and even worldwide.

Meet the multi-talented rapper, elite NBA skills trainer, and entrepreneur Johnny “Dribble2Much” Stephene who has over the years leveraged the power of social media to become one of the hottest individual brands in basketball. But it hasn’t been an easy journey for Johnny. Despite facing numerous challenges growing up, he was inspired by watching Allan Iverson and Michael Jordan on TV and he loved the way the game brought his family together. That grew into a lifelong passion for basketball and using it to inspire people to come together and view basketball as an art. He ended up getting a basketball scholarship for his four years of college which was very helpful to his family because they didn’t have to worry about his tuition.

Dribble2Much later played professionally and unfortunately suffered an injury which prompted him to focus on his dribbling, and things basically went uphill from there. Since starting his Instagram account he’s gained more than 1.4 Million followers and counting, worked out with All-Stars Kevin Durant and DeMar DeRozan, been considered by an NBA team for employment, organized clinics for kids worldwide, launched an apparel line called Handle Life (a double meaning for his ball-handle and recovery from a major injury) and signed a few endorsements deals with more possibly to come. Dribble2Much’s journey is nothing short of inspirational and he comes to share it with Shawn Zanotti on this fun-packed 33-minute episode. Don’t miss it

Tell and Tell Secrets:

To help you get the most insane handles ASAP, Dribble2Much shares the one way he does it himself; The Handlelife Heavy Ball. The ball had been the biggest secret behind his sharp and strong handles until he decided to share it with the world.

The ball is guaranteed to help you get the fastest results in ball handling efficiency, hand speed, and ball control. You can find the ball at

Words of advice:

It doesn’t matter how tall you are, if you can dribble the basketball, you can make plays for your teammates.

Put the work first all the time.

If you’re an NBA player or young athlete, continue having that picture in your mind of where you wanna be at. That’s what saves you.

If you wanna be great, you’re going to do the things to be great like discipline and continuous works out.

When you have a dream and you stop working at it, that’s when another person comes up, swoops your dream, and runs with it.

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