April 26, 2022
Veronika Mudra Talks White Ribbon, Domestic Violence and Leaving Ukraine With Suitcase and Child
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Veronika Mudra Talks White Ribbon, Domestic Violence and Leaving Ukraine With Suitcase and Child

Veronika Mudra is the CEO & Founder of White Ribbon USA. Veronika’s journey began in Kyiv, Ukraine. Raised by her single mother and grandmother, she grew up studying social work and financial management. With two suitcases and her son by her side, Veronika escaped life in Ukraine and started over in America with nothing more to rebuild life. 

She is a domestic violence survivor, whose personal experience led her to becoming founder and CEO of the international non-profit organization known for protecting against domestic violence towards women. 

White Ribbon is in both the U.S. and Ukraine. Veronika is now a refugee from Ukraine and was granted asylum in the U.S. Veronika and her son, David applied for asylum in the US under the domestic violence protection program. Without succumbing to victimhood, Veronika has transcended her adversity and dedicated her life to helping humanity by fighting domestic violence, racism and discrimination. 

Veronika co-founded White Ribbon Ukraine that initiated the first NGO organized nationwide public awareness campaign against domestic violence towards women. She advocated in Parliament for criminalization of domestic violence in Ukraine and established an annual White Ribbon Days in Parliament. Shortly afterwards, she co-founded White Ribbon USA where she provides ongoing leadership to find new ways to approach and strengthen the capacity to prevent domestic violence globally. As a nonprofit executive and opinion leader she is working on several nationwide campaigns and speak to better humanity. Veronika advocates for the Hague Convention Reform in Domestic Violence aspect and has spoken at TEDxWOMEN . 

White Ribbon USA’s mission is to reduce and prevent domestic violence. White Ribbon USA is connected to the greater Global White Ribbon Campaign that was originated in Canada in 1991 and has deep established roots grounded in efforts addressed by men about gender-based discrimination against women and gender equality.White Ribbon USA’s mission is to reduce and prevent domestic violence and engage more men supporting all efforts to end gender-based violence and discrimination towards women.

Tune in for this conversation which is set to leave you on the edge of your seat wanting to hear and advocate for women’s rights.  

Tell and Tell Secret: “Personal experience and why I tolerated within myself certain behavior, why I was trying to make it work when I shouldn’t of”

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